Anybody with these qualities can build a successful business. John Travolta shares his entrepreneurial journey.

JT Foxx: John Rankins, give big round of applause. Another guy who gave up his speaking spot so that you can get out of here, John and John.

John: Thanks JT. This is an absolute honor for me. I’m a super huge fan from Greece to Saturday Night Fever to Pulp Fiction. And I’m involved with a company called Optimol and we train entrepreneurs around the world and we develop them and put them in business for themselves. And I see you as a guy that has recreated himself so many times from leaving the movie industry, coming back and being relevant, always being relevant. And I see you as an entrepreneur. You make things happen. All of these people out here make things happen. And for the new young entrepreneur, like people I’m working with, what advice would you give them, what would be your three keys of advice you would give them as young entrepreneurs growing?

Travolta: OK, as an entrepreneur growing, well OK. You know there’s a lot to it but I’ll try to simplify it. As I said earlier, you can’t allow your dreams or postulates to be interfered with. You have to make sure that the right dream and the right postulate and achievable, you know a known goal that you can get to; but I’ll say something that I think is the most powerful, don’t do it for the wrong reasons. If you have ulterior motives in what you’re doing it’ll never work.

In other words, you have young kids saying I want to be a billionaire. OK, well what are you going to give people in order to become a billionaire? What’s your product? I don’t know I just want to be rich. You know it doesn’t work. You have to say what’s a valuable final product for an audience or a buyer to want from me. You know can I make their life better? And can I do it viably, you know? And therefore if I can give them a product that is worthy of them giving me money for, now I’ve exchanged properly; but it’s just thievery if you just want to become rich for no particular reason.

You know it will come to you, I promise, if you have the right reasons for being in the entrepreneur. You want to start an airline and you want it to be the best airline for the following reasons, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, and you do everything to deliver that airline to be the best airline, you will succeed because your intention is correct your thinking with the valuable final product of what you want.

And you can digress that into minimalist thinking too, like OK you know what’s the valuable final product of the next move I’m going to make. Or today my valuable final product is spend time with the kids, get all my emails done, blah blah blah, and at the end of the day I will feel better about doing it. What’s an achievement of that, well that’s a little version of it but you have a good intention behind each of them. Does that make sense?

John: It totally makes sense. So be at purpose, and you will do well. Thanks John.

Travolta: You’re very welcome. And thank you for helping.

Thank you.