Lead the Field - Be the Go-to Authority In Your Niche

Being the go-to expert in your field is a great responsibility. It takes the courage to stand out, be known, and sometimes be criticized. But the benefits far outweigh the consequences. And the first thing you need to learn is how to lead the field.


Becoming the go-to expert means becoming a leader. Anyone can learn how to be a leader. But it takes time, effort, and a good attitude. It takes laser focus and determination to be the authority. And once you get there, you can’t be complacent.


You need to keep on working in your positioning, your message, and how people interact with you. In this article, I’ll share with you the “4 Rs” that will help you lead the field – to be the top of mind expert in your niche and stay there.


Lead The Field By Being Real


Lead the field by being realAuthenticity is the most valuable quality you must have if you want people in your field to follow you. You have to make the people around you believe in you and trust you. And being authentic is one of the best ways to lead the field.


Being authentic is living your life according to your own values and goals, rather than those of other people. It is about presence, living in the moment with conviction and confidence and staying true to yourself. You have to be real.


You don’t need to hide behind a fake personality and pictures. Truth is, that’s what most gurus are doing. They want to shortcut the process in becoming the go-to expert without giving value. That’s why they resort to faking things.


It’s normal to be afraid of being authentic because you might be judged. Or you might be afraid to fail. But if you want to be on top of your field and for people to follow, you must be authentic.


There are things you can do to show your authenticity as an expert.


Talk About What You’re Going Through


Gary Vaynerchuk always says, “Document, don’t create.” That’s one of the ways you can show your progress with your audience. Talking about what you’re going through and documenting your progress is one way to show that you’re doing real work.


When you do that, you strengthen your relationships with your followers and you build relationships with new ones. They can relate to what you’re going through because you don’t just show rainbows and sunshines. You show the true story.


Acknowledge Your Weakness


Acknowledging your weakness shows high self awareness. You’re aware that you can’t do everything and you need help. Fact is, that’s what people appreciate. People respect vulnerability because it shows how courageous you are.


Being open on your weak points or things you can’t do shows authenticity and it can build great relationships. Especially with people who are interested in what you’re doing.


Understand Your Personal Values


Is this what I wanted? Does this make me happy? Is it something that I love to do? Understanding your personal values will help you discover your passion and values. And once you understand those, you’ll have a stronger platform to stand on.


Values guide your decisions. As Roy Disney said, “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are. When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”




If you want to be a go-to authority of your niche and lead the field, you need to be relevant. Truth is, if you want to be noticed, saying relevant things is not an option. Entrepreneurs and businesses who know how to be relevant wins the game. They get more customers and in the long run, become more profitable.


Choose Topics Related To Your Audience


Ask yourself, “What topic would the audience find interesting or useful?” “What are they already following?” If you feel committed to a particular topic, then begin thinking about how you can demonstrate why the topic is relevant to your audience.


You can ask your audience and target market for suggestions about what they want to learn. Another way to know what’s relevant is to know the problems of your market and speak about the solutions.




Thought leaders resonate with their audience. Making someone feel that you understand them and know what they feel is one of the best things you must do to lead the field. Those who resonate with you and your message will be your lifelong fans. And that’s where you can build a loyal tribe of followers.


Social Awareness


You can do this by being observant to how people are feeling. In times of panic, people will look to the ones who are calm. Why? Because those people are the leaders who can manage the situation.


If you know what your market is going through right now, you can create better contents for them. It gives them the reassurance that you’re on top of things. And you will give them hope and help them overcome their challenges.




This is the result of knowing your target market so well. Being able to emotionally connect with others is powerful. It lets your audience know that you understand them. You know what they’re going through and you have the solution. This is why businesses and personal brands with strong emotional empathy rise to the top.




Your results strengthen your credibility. During these times when a lot of people are being burned by fake gurus, businesses and entrepreneurs with results stand out.


The thing is, you don’t have to be certified or graduate from prestigious schools around the world just to get results. Put your products and services in front of your market and actually help them.


Frank Kern always says, “The best way to help people is by actually helping them.” I agree. If you want to help people and get results, you need to actually help your market solve their problems.


Aside from that, you can also share your other successes.




If you have raving fans who gave you testimonials, leverage that! Especially if it came from people with clout and influence. Testimonials act as social proof. It tells your market that you are not a “fly by night” company and you’re reliable.


Business Results


Are you a service based business? Do you have client results that you can share with your market? If you do, you can make case studies and give your readers an overview of how you helped your clients.


On the flip side, if you have a product based business, you can share how your product helps your customers get their desired results. Sharing your success would help you become the go-to authority in your niche and lead the field. 


That’s it! Putting these ideas into practice will surely help you stand out from your industry. It doesn’t matter how competitive the market is. When you show the real you, resonate, show results, and be relevant, it will surely help you lead the field.


All the best,


John Rankins

The Millionaire Maker – Sales Machine