So many people get caught up living in the rat race. Sometimes, they are too focused on the transactional and not the transformational that they lose track of where they are. They lose track of achieving their goals and forget how to focus.


Studies show that 92% of people who set goals don’t achieve them. And the reason why most people don’t follow through is because they become overwhelmed with all the transactional things that are happening in life. They put all their energy focusing on tasks and activities  instead of the transformational – game changing priorities.


This is why I advise all my clients and my team to take a timeout. When you do, you get to stop and identify what works in your life. Instead of operating from high emotion and low intelligence, you get to come from a place and a space of creating what’s really important in your own life.


I do this every week and it gives me a checkup from the neck up. It allows me to understand if I am focused on what’s really important. And what guides me are the Five Laws of Focus that you’ll learn in this article.


What You Focus On Is What You Get


The first Law of Focus is “What you focus on is what you get.” If you’re focused on negative things, or what you don’t have, or problems, guess what? You’re going to get more of those.


A lot of people believe that they focus on the negative because nothing is going right. They have fires to put out, they have problems to solve, and people to deal with. The truth is, nothing is going right in their business and their life because they are focused on the negative things.


However, if you’re focused on gratitude, on serving people, on contributing and making a difference in your life every day, that’s what you’re going to get more of. You’re going to get more things to be grateful for. You’re going to start building a business that makes a difference. And you’re going to earn a lot more money.


If you want to create an opportunity for yourself then focus on what it is you are looking to do. Tell your brain what to look for and your brain will show it to you.


That’s the first Law of Focus: What you focus on is what you get.


What You Focus On Expands


The second Law of Focus is ”What you focus on expands.” There’s an old saying that says, “Where attention goes, energy flows.” If your focus is on the negative things that’s happening in your life, you’ll get more of the same.


That’s why I focus and commit on writing down what are the 10 things I’m most grateful for every morning. As a result, more of that shows up in my life. It empowers me to wake, create, and dictate my life, not just do transactional stuff. More important, it makes life much more fun and meaningful!


The single greatest power we have is to choose our own thoughts. If you want more good things to come into your life, then focus on those thoughts. Think about what you want instead of what you don’t want.


If you’re afraid to fail, focus on thinking about success. Fill your mind with thoughts of winning, success, and empowerment. Doing this one simple thing will help you be more successful in business and in life.


Focus Is More Important Than Intelligence


Third is “Focus is more important than intelligence.” There are lots of people more intelligent than I am – extremely intelligent people. However, a lot of them are broke, unhappy, and living miserable lives. It’s usually because they’re focused on all the wrong things. They’re focusing on what they don’t have instead of what they do have.


If you want to achieve great things in your business and in your life, you have to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. You have to focus on using the resources that you have and be resourceful in getting the resources you need to have.


I teach this in my Ultimate Leadership Camp. It’s a program I created from my 30+ years of doing business and learning from some of the greatest leaders in the world. In it, I teach people the Ultimate Leadership System. One of those steps is identifying what resources you have and what resources you need.


At the end of the day, as long as you understand that focus is more important than intelligence, then you can accomplish anything you want.


Who You Focus Spending Time With Is Who You Become


Jim Rohn said, “We are the average of the five people we spend most of our time with.” Who you focus on attracting and spending time in your life is who you become.


This is why I invest tons of money to hire mentors and coaches who I can learn from. I spend a lot of time with them because I want to duplicate and replicate their results. Ultimately, I know that my business and my life will be better when I learn from the best.


If you want to grow your business, make sure you surround yourself with mentors and coaches who can take your business to the next level. Stop spending time with people who do drama. Stop spending time with negative people and start improving the quality of your network.


How to Focus Means Follow One Course Until Successful

Follow one course until successful

Finally, FOCUS means “Follow One Course Until Successful.” You see, focus trumps multitasking. Lots of people say that multitasking is a great skill to acquire. I say that’s misleading. The people who are the most successful in the world focus on doing just one thing. That’s why they become an achiever.


Michael Jordan tried to focus on baseball. It didn’t work. He’s an amazing athlete yet he couldn’t hit a single home run. But once he came back to what he loved doing – basketball – he won 3 more championships.


So ultimately, what you focus on will turn decades into days. And when you focus, you can accomplish your goals faster than you ever have before in your life. It will help you achieve amazing results for your business.


Final Thoughts On How To Focus


Focus is more important than intelligence. Distraction makes us weak and slow to act. But the good news is if you can learn to minimize distractions and increase focus, you can outperform others. Even when they are way smarter and way more experienced than you. You can easily achieve your goals. 


In this distracted world, the most focused person usually wins. Always remember that the easiest opportunity to improve your impact and get ahead with others is to really focus on what you want and have the will to achieve it.