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Most productivity tips you’ll ever learn from other “gurus” are focused on having short-term gains. Checking off more items from your to-do list, stop checking emails, or turning off your phone. In my opinion, that doesn’t work. In this article, I’ll share with you 7 best productivity tips you can start applying right away.


Although well-meaning advice, trying to accomplish ‘more’ doesn’t always mean becoming productive. If you want to have a long-term boost in productivity, it’s really simple. It all boils down to, FOCUS.


Focus on measuring your productivity instead of tasks, activities, or time management. Personally, I define productivity as accomplishing the right things effectively. How do I do that? It starts with identifying “What’s the number 1 thing that will make the biggest difference in the shortest amount of time — that’s sustainable, and scalable. Once I’ve zero’d in on what that is, that is where my focus goes.


Focus Is Your Secret Weapon



Focus is all about Following One Course Until Success. That concept is omnipotent and if you keep that in mind, it will empower you to accomplish “impossible” things.

You see, a lot of people get distracted in life. They major in minor things. They focus on the transactional stuff instead of identifying and doing the things that will transform their life. 


Ultimately, their productivity suffers. They have so many activities and they look busy, but they don’t significantly move forward in life.


As a business leader, you need to focus on what’s the number one thing that will make the biggest difference in the shortest amount of time, that’s sustainable and scalable. And if you want to be the go-to authority in your industry, you need to master these skills.


Identify that ONE THING, and focus your time and energy on that.  Doing so will make a huge difference in your results. This is what turns decades into days. Add to that these best productivity tips and your results will be 10x.


3 Areas To Focus On To 10X Your Productivity



  • Know Your Goal



Number one is you should have a goal – a daily goal that supports whatever your monthly goal, your quarterly goal, and your yearly goal is. You should focus on achieving at least one goal every single day that will move you onwards, forwards, and upwards every single day.


About four years ago, I found myself overwhelmed with all my goals. I had so many projects I wanted to work on simultaneously. I found myself compromising time with relationships that mattered to me. 


In the end, several of these projects were progressing at a snail’s pace. I was living my days frustrated and I felt like I was losing in life. 

Out of this frustration was the beginning of what is now known as my Life Mastery Playbook. A life management system I created for business leaders, Executives and over-achievers to manage their lives effectively. All without compromising what matters most to them. 


It helps them  identify their goals and keep track of whether they’re winning, learning, or losing in life.


Most people feel overwhelmed in life because they don’t have clarity on what they’re trying to accomplish. They don’t have a goal written down. Ultimately, if a goal is not written on paper, it’s just a dream. This is why it’s important for you to set a goal on paper!



  • Focus On Your Priorities



Once you identify your goal, you need to focus on your priorities. Most people get stuck in tracking activity, being busy, or reactive to what everybody else is doing. If you find yourself always reacting to what’s happening around you, set and focus on your priorities.


You might be busy and you might be active. But unless you’re focused on the priorities that will help you achieve your goal or your vision or your mission, you’re going to get lost. People will take you out of your game. So focus on the priorities.



  • Implement



Third and most importantly, you need to implement. These best productivity tips are good. But you need to implement every day, every day, every day. 


It’s not about focusing on “someday”. It’s not about focusing on what you didn’t do yesterday. It’s about getting the important things done every single day.


So focus on your goals, your priorities, and number three, implementation. Focus on what you want to achieve and don’t let anybody or anything take you out of your game. And keep in mind these best productivity tips to improve your results in business and life.


Keep Away Clutter


best productivity tips


Want to boost productivity in your office? It’s time to declutter, tidy up, and leave your work space clutter-free and clean!


A cluttered life means a cluttered brain. And with a cluttered brain, you can’t get stuff done. You’ll be productive if your desk is clean and everything is tidy. It’s difficult to work when everything is not organized.


I prefer a simple work and living environment. A desk, a laptop, and a pen and notebook. Keep it simple. You don’t need any fluff. Keeping clutter away will increase your productivity without any effort.


Avoid Multitasking


Avoiding multitasking is definitely one of the best productivity tips you’ll ever learn. Remember that focus is about doing the right things effectively? When you multitask, you’re not focused.


Focus on one thing at a time. It’s so important to give each task 100% of your attention to become productive. This way you know you will have done it well.


Now, you have to practice being intentional about focusing only on one task. Why? Because our brains love to jump from task to another. In the end, we don’t create efficient results. This will decrease your productivity.


It is better to work on one task at a time than try to complete many tasks at once. How so? Because your attention is not divided. Meaning, you can give your 100% best in accomplishing that task.


If you want to know more about some tips to avoid multitasking, here’s an article by Business Journal.


Learn To Say NO


One of the best productivity tips you’ll ever learn in life saying ‘NO’. It’s okay not to accept another meeting. It’s okay to decline a task when you know your talents can be used elsewhere and be more impactful.


Saying NO is an important skill to develop at any stage of your career. It retains the most important asset in your life which is your time.


You need to say no to whatever isn’t leading you toward your goals. You need to say no to distractions as well to become productive. Of course, if you want to be productive, you have to pick the ones you say ‘Yes’ to.


Saying no is hard. We want to help and serve people. But it’s also important to protect your time, and increase your productivity even more by saying no.


Here’s a TED Talk from Kenny Nguyen on The Art of Saying No.




Take A Rest From Social Media


Do you find yourself using social media for hours and hours a day? And you suddenly realize that you’ve never finished the tasks you set to finish? Are you finding yourself being unproductive because you’re on your phone all day? 


One way of being productive is by avoiding distractions. Which means stopping yourself from endlessly scrolling on your phone specifically avoiding Social Media. 


There are only a few reasons to keep your social media open while you’re working. And that is if your work is ON social media. Meaning you market your business through that or you manage different pages.


If not, set a time to go on and check your feed, update someone, or tweet out a message. Make it a reward instead of a distraction. After completing tasks, give yourself some time to scroll and interact on your Socials.


Final Thoughts On The Best Productivity Tips


These are the best productivity tips that I use everyday to increase my results. All these tips are applicable for both work and home so you’ll get more productive day by day.


The above list contains only a few tips for becoming a productive person. But they are one of the best tips I know. At the end of the day, it’s still you who will manage your tasks and time. So following the list above will surely make you more and more productive.