George Ross – Donald Trump’s Advisor for 40 years explains the best kind of business partnerships and how it will make or break your company.

John: So like I said, we’re here with George Ross and it’s an absolute honor. We’re here in New York City. George, is there anything you would like to ask myself or Patrick about us?

George: Absolutely. I know a lot about you and I follow what you do and I am absolutely amazed how in the world can the two of you accomplish what you’ve accomplished in the short period of time and be all over the world. I just don’t understand. The organization and the capability, I think it’s fantastic. How do you do it?

John: Well, you know, I honestly think it’s, the number one thing is trust in having a great relationship with a partner who sees things that you don’t see and utilizing Patrick strengths where I don’t have the strength. Like he, he really think things through. And I’m, you know I’m very direct in seeing the vision and he’s very direct in how to orchestrate it. And we spent a lot time building team.

George: That’s fantastic. Team to team concept is good and if you each have separate strengths and utilizing strength you’ve got the best of both worlds.

John: The number one reason I would say is teamwork. We invest in our people, we teach them, we train and we can actually develop entrepreneurs and put them in business as little as 72 hours after our evaluation process.

George: That’s fantastic that you can do that if you’re building a team or are you building a team to one, people going to work for you or with you using your ideas. That’s fantastic. That’s the way to build a major organization. It’s always good as the people that you employ or hire are well trained.

John: Absolutely. We empower them to run their own business and we give them all support materials, we give them all the training, we provide them with the price. So essentially we’re changing their lives. We are developing wantrepreneurs into entrepreneurs. So that’s what we’ve been doing for the last 20 years.

George: Well, that’s very good; but I do have questions. Don’t be everything to everybody, just getting started and shepherd him along the way so that they’re going to improve. Otherwise, don’t tell them too much. Let them do it by themselves so they make their own mistakes and they succeed. When they don’t succeed and come back to you and say, “I did this, I had a problem”, give them more guns along the way.

John: That’s right. So in seeing that George, what advice could you give Patrick and I, on how to you determine that there is the right guy. If we provided them everything that they need, how would you determine the right guy to have in the organization.

George: Well, that’s a very good question. You have to have trust. You have to check them are they reliable people. Do they seem to have the drive that you want to have so that they would be a successful adjunct to your organization. And that’s a question of personality. You look at it and do it. Now the thing is, make your assessment. If it works, fine. If it doesn’t, get rid of them.

John: Get rid of them, all right. Given the opportunity and the…

George: Give the opportunity, let them run with the ball, got them along the way that you can’t run their lives and you can’t substitute your talent for theirs. Either that they have it or they don’t. So they learn, they become part organization, go somewhere else.

John: I like it.

Patrick: They have to want it more than us too.

George: Absolutely, they have to be eager.

Patrick: That’s right.