JT Foxx: John Rankins from the Philippines, very successful serial entrepreneur, give a round of applause.
Al Pacino: John, how you doing?

John: I’m doing great. Thanks.

Al Pacino: Good to see you.

John: Good to see you. So like you, I’m very honored. My grandfather also raised me. And he was a brilliant entrepreneur and he taught me a lot of life lessons. And so I would like to ask you, in life what’s been your greatest failure and what life lesson did you get from that we can learn from?

Al Pacino: Well, I think that my younger, my older children, I have always felt they could have been more, I could have been there more for them. Now I’m with my youngest children and I’ve been there for them a lot more. It’s been good to do so. I think I learned that you have to take an inventory of what’s going on and if you have children you need to be there. And I think I learned that more than anything else because I see the difference in my oldest, not that there is much difference but I see enough difference.

And it took a longer time to connect with my oldest daughter. My youngest children are, they know me from their diapers. So that’s cool. And it’s much, it feels better and it’s more rewarding and I love it. I love it more. And that is something I learned, if I were to say off the top of my head.

John: Well, that’s great. Thank you so much. Thank you